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2008 WSOP November Nine

Final 9 Poker Players at 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event


WSOP final table november 9

2008 WSOP Final Table

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Learn about the final table players at the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event, also known as the "November Nine" as they must wait months to play for the over $9 million first prize money on November 9th, 2008. They have so far played poker for over 65 hours to get to this point in the tournament, and have all been paid the prize for ninth place -- $900,670 -- until they meet again.

This is one of the youngest final table fields in WSOP history, and two of the players -- Peter Eastgate and Craig Marquis -- could seize the title of youngest WSOP champ ever, taking the distinction from Phil Hellmuth.

Meet the November Nine:

Ivan Demidov is from Moscow, Russia and is 27 years old. He's a professional poker player, but 2008 was his first time playing at the World Series, where he also finished in 11th place in Event #44, the $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em with rebuys event. He's single and enjoys skiing and scuba diving.

Peter Eastgate is from Odense, Denmark and is 22 years old, making him the youngest player at the final table. If this poker pro wins, he'll be the youngest WSOP champ ever. He's a high school grad and paid his entry fee in cash.

Kelly Kim was born in Korea but now lives in Whittier, California. He's a professional poker player and is 31 years old. He cashed three times in the 2007 World Series of Poker and paid cash for his entry to this year's main event. Before he turned pro, he was a business analyst and has a degree of UC San Diego. He comes into the final table as the short stack, with only 2,620,000 in chips.

Scott Montgomery is from Perth, Ontario in Canada and is 26 years old. He is a poker pro who's been playing for about four years and paid cash to enter this year's main event. Read more about Scott Montgomery

Craig Marquis is a Texan from Arlington and is 23 years old, and could also become the youngest WSOP main event champ ever. He's a college student who's pretty new to poker -- he's been playing about a year and a half. If he wins, he plans on buying his family a swimming pool.

Dennis Phillips comes into the final table as the chip leader with 26,295,000 in chips . He's from St. Louis, Missourri and is the oldest player at the final table at 53. He's an account manager for a commercial trucking company whose nickname is “Fordman.” He won his way into the main event through a WSOP satellite held at Harrahs Casino in St. Louis.

David “Chino” Rheem lives in Los Angeles, California and is 28. He's a poker pro who's been playing for 10 years and paid cash to enter the main event. Reed more about David Rheem

Ylon Schwartz is a New Yorker who lives in Brooklyn and is 38 years old. He used to be a professional chess player who hustled games in New York City’s public parks for money, until he discovered he could make a far better living playing poker, which he's been doing for the last several years. This is his 12th time to cash at the WSOP, more than any other final table player. He came in 15th in the $2,000 buy-in Limit Hold’em event at the 2008 WSOP.

Darus Suharto was born in Indonesia but now lives in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. He's 39, has an MBA from Indiana University and works as an accountant. He won his way into the main event through a satellite.

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