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Best Poker Songs

Top Tunes About Poker


Set the mood for your home game or just get in the poker groove with these songs.

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

Any list of poker songs must begin with the classic "Know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em" song that permeates poker. Though I disagree with Mr. Rogers on the point about counting your money, the rest of his advice is pretty sound.

Poker Face by Lady Gaga

This top 40 song by Lady Gaga takes the metaphors of poker and applies it to gettin' down and dirty with someone in the sack. It's a fun song that I have no poker face for -- I can't help smiling every time I hear it.

That Was a Crazy Game of Poker by Of a Revolution

This song is one of the few really, truly about poker. It's often used on TV to tell you, viewer, that this, that you're watching, is one wild and crazy game of poker, in case you didn't catch it yourself.

No Cheap Thrill by Suzanne Vega

To my surprise, I learned that Vega is a big poker player, and her album "Nine Objects Of Desire" has this gem of a song that is perfect for starting out a poker night with the opening lyric "Ante up, don't be shy" and it's chorus that warns, "I'll see you, I'll call you, I'll raise you, but it's no cheap thrill."

Deal by Grateful Dead

This mellow song by the Grateful Dead advises you to "Watch each card you play and play it slow, Wait until that deal come round."

Go Down Gambling by Blood, Sweat and Tears

When you're running bad, this songs reminds you that it happens to us all and that "Go down gambling, say it when you're running low, Go down gambling, you may never have to go." Maybe your luck will turn around, and if it doesn't: What better way to go?

The Stranger by Leonard Cohen

I had forgotten about this dark, moody gem by Cohen until an alert reader reminded me I'd left it off. It's filled with great poker metaphors, such as "Ah you hate to see another tired man lay down his hand, like he was giving up the holy game of poker."

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