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Poker Tournament Terms to Know

Tourney Slang


If you're sitting down at a poker tournament, make sure you know what all the words on this list mean, so you won't miss out on what's going on or make any needless poker mistakes.

Getting Started at Poker Tournaments

There are some key terms you'll want to learn before you sit down:

Common Poker Acronyms

If you are playing a poker tournament online or looking up listings for poker tournaments you'll need to translate what they mean by knowing all the common poker acronyms like MTT and SnG.

Slang for Texas Hold'em starting hands

One thing people will throw around a lot are slang terms for the two hole cards one starts with in Hold'em -- if you know these and can throw them in your own poker talk, you'll appear less green. Here are the slang terms for hold'em hands.

Terms You'll Hear During the Tournament

As the tournament progresses, you'll hear people yell a lot more than "All in!" and "What a bad beat!" -- finish off your pre-tournament poker slang learning by brushing up on these terms:

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