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Top 3 Best Poker Games for Adults: Poker for Lovers


Looking to spice up a night of poker with your sweetheart? Try these ideas to add to a sexy side to your poker night.

Of course, you don't need any accessories to play a racy game of poker -- here's a simple guide on how to play strip poker -- but these add an extra element of fun.

1. Strip poker dice game

You and another player take turns rolling the dice -- 5 dice represent the cards of your poker hand and the sixth tells you what task or item of clothing is up for grabs. A fun game that doesn't even require a deck of cards.

2. The Strip Poker Kit

John Vorhaus, who also wrote "Killer Poker," penned the colorful, illustrated book within this fun kit. The book explains basic rules, and offers advice on what to wear, how to get your friends to play, and "how to keep cool when all you're finally wearing is your poker face." Also includes a "striptease" card deck.
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3. Poker for Lovers

In this kit, players divide up pink & blue chips which are segmented into 3 sets of 1, 2, and 3-minute activities. As you play whatever kind of poker you choose, players bet chips containing activities that they would be willing to perform. At showdown, the player with the best poker hand will get to receive all the activities the other player bet. What's nice is that you get to choose to bet only what you're willing to do, so each player gets to be comfortable with how steamy things get.
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