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eAdultGames Strip Poker Review


Getting Started at eAdultGames:

At this strip poker site you play against the house in games of video poker and buy pieces of clothing off your chosen lady as you build up your winnings. You can also "tip" the ladies and they will change poses.

You get to choose from four ladies to play in the free mode, including a naughty nurse and a cheerleader. If you want to pick from a wide range of woman, you have to join the members site.

eAdultGames: How to Play:

To start playing, click on bet and choose an amount from $1 to $10. You are dealt five cards and then decide which to discard and redraw. Any pair or better hand is a winner -- you don't need jacks or better like in many video poker games.


Bet $10 every time. It takes a lot of money to buy the items of clothing and it takes forever if you bet lesser amounts. The game seems pretty hard to bust out of, so don't worry about that.

To Start Playing:

Click Here!

They also have a strip poker version of Texas Hold'em here.
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