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Star Poker Strip Poker Review


Getting Started at Star Poker:

This site lets you pick a boy or girl opponent to play strip poker with. To start, pick the gender of your fancy and pick from opponents rated by skill from one to three stars, one being the easiest and three being the hardest.

Star Poker: How to Play:

At the start of each hand, you are dealt five cards and you ante a bet of $5. You can choose to "stay" or click on $5, $15, or $25 to raise that amount. If your opponent raises, you can "stay" and see his bet or "drop" and fold.

Once the first round of betting is done, you need to click on the cards you want to discard. Then click "discard" and you will get replacement cards. It will be up to you to bet first, or you can not bet by clicking "stay."

Finally, the hands are revealed and a winner is declared. Your opponent will only start removing items of clothing once you've busted their initial bankroll.


Don't do a lot of folding -- even the three star players aren't very good. Raise when you have good hands and always call when you have a pair or better.

To Start Playing:

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