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Beginner Poker Strategy, Advice, and Tips to Improve Your Game

Learn beginner poker strategy, from using poker position to poker hand selection to bluffing & more.
  1. Basic Poker Rules & How-tos
  2. Basic Poker Rules & How-tos

Common Tells
Some common tells to help you beat the game.

Your First Trip to the Cardroom
Keys to your first trip to the cardrroom

What is Horse?
A short guide to the games spread in HORSE

Holdem Starting Hands by Position
What holdem hands to play by position.

Big Blind Math -- 31-100 Big Blinds
How to play with 31 to 100 big blinds in a no-limit holdem tournament.

Big Blind Math - 100+ Big Blinds
How to play a stack of 100 or more big blinds early in a tournament.

Bluffing in Poker - How to Bluff in Poker -- Bluffing 101
Learn what it means to bluff, how and when to bluff, and more.

10 Worst Starting Hands in Texas Hold'em Poker
Sure, you know that a pair of aces are the best hand in Texas Hold'em, but do you know the worst hands? Knowing that these hands are almost-always-fold'em hands in hold'em is just as important to improving your game.

The Importance of Having Fun
Guest author Steven Brust writes about the importance of having fun while playing poker.

Top 10 Poker Tips to Improve Your Poker Game & Profits
Want to become a better player, fast? Follow these 10 tips to boost your poker performance & profits. While geared to beginner players, there's poker tips that even seasoned pros should remind themselves of once in a while.

Top 10 Best Texas Hold'em Poker Hands
Here's a quick guide to the ten best hold'em poker hands. If you start with any of these ten hands during Texas Hold'em, you are in excellent shape.

Ten Tips for Omaha High-Low
Ten tips to help your Omaha High Low game

10 Best & 10 Worst Texas Hold'em Poker Starting Hands
Improve your Texas Hold'em game by learning these two lists.

Bet-Sizing in No Limit Texas Hold'em

The Best Starting Hands in Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Eight or Better
A guide to the best starting in Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Eight or Better

Best Poker Books for Beginners
New to poker and looking for a book to start your education? Try one of these easy to understand books and get into the game in a flash.

Understanding Position in Poker
An illustrated guide to understanding what people are talking about when they talk about "position" in poker, and how poker position affects the game.

Basic Combinatorics in Omaha
A guide to using basic combinatorics to help you to understand the importance of all four Omaha cards working well together

Poker Tells 101: How to Read Poker Tells
One of the key skills most good poker players have is the ability to read their opponents at the table. That is why you hear so much about “poker tells.” A “tell” is any physical reaction, kind of behavior, or habit that gives (or tells) the other players information about your hand. Read about common tells and improve your game.

Starting Hand Selection in Texas Hold'em Poker
One of the first and most important things to learn when playing Texas Hold'em is which starting hands are worth staying in with -- and which you should fold.

The Basics of Tournament Poker

Satellite Tournaments
A guide to successful satellite tournament play.

Big Blind Math -- 15 Big Blinds and Below
How to play a stack of fifteen big blinds and below in a no-limit holdem tournament.

Poker Odds You Need to Know (and one you don't)
Poker odds that every player needs to know

Creating a Simple Results Tracking Spreadsheet

Using a Stop-Loss
How and why to use a stop-loss in poker.

How to Play Omaha Hi-Lo
The basic rules of Omaha High-Low Eight or Better

A review of the poker training site, PokerGym.com

Ten Tips for Beating Your Home Game
Ten tips for beating a typical home poker game.

Free poker Resources
A listing of free poker resources available online

Beating Low Stakes Limit Holdem -- Part 1 -- The Myths
Professional player and poker coach, Adam Stemple, shows you how to beat low stakes limit Holdem games

Beating Low Stakes Limit Holdem -- Part 2 -- The Rules
Three rules to help you beat low stakes limit holdem games by Adam Stemple, poker coach and About.com guide

Beating Low Stakes Limit Holdem -- Part 3 -- Concepts
Adam Stemple teaches you the important concepts behind beating low stakes limit holdem

Beating Low Stakes Limit Holdem -- Part 4 -- Pre-Flop Play
"Hatfield" Adam Stemple continues his series on low stakes limit Holdem, outlining pre-flop strategy

Beating Low Stakes Limit Holdem -- Part 5 -- Post-Flop Play
Part 5 in "Hatfield" Adam Stemple's series on beating low stakes limit holdem games.

Slow-playing: When To Do It and When Not To
When to slow-play and when not to according to poker coach, Adam Stemple

Ten Quotes from Losing No-Limit Holdem Players
Ten quotes from losing no-limit holdem players.

Three Good and Two Marginal Reasons to Bet or Raise
5 reasons to bet or raise in any form of poker by 'Hatfield' Adam Stemple, professional poker coach

Reasons to Check
Reasons to check when it's your turn in a poker game

Bounty Tournaments
Bounty tournaments and how to play them by Hatfield Adam Stemple

Handling Downswings
Some hints for handling bad downswings in poker, by professional poker coach, Adam Stemple

Five Traits of Winning Poker Players
Five traits of winning players as observed by Poker Coach, Adam Stemple

Playing the Kill
Description and strategy for playing poker with a kill

Ten Ways to Make Poker More Fun (and Less Profitable)
A tongue in cheek list of ways to make poker more fun and less profitable.

The Three Keys to Poker Success
The three keys to being a successful poker player.

Have a Plan
The importance of having a plan when playing poker

Why Bad Beat Stories Are Bad
Why Bad Beat Stories Are Bad

Learning Styles and Poker
Figuring out the best way for you to learn the game of poker based on what type of learner you are.

There Is No Luck
Professional poker coach, Adam Stemple, talks about removing luck from your mindset when playing poker.

Your Tournament Toolbox

New Year's Resolutions
Some poker resolutions for the new year.

A review of CardsChat.com, a poker community site.

Two Plus Two
A review of the Two Plus Two forums

The Evolution of a Poker Player: Part 1
Part 1 in Adam Stemple's Evolution of a Poker Player series.

The Evolution of a Poker Player: Part 2
Part 2 of Adam Stemple's Evolution of the Poker Player

The Evolution of a Poker Player: Part 3
Part 3 in Adam Stemple's The Evolution of a Poker Player series.

The Evolution of a Poker Player
The fourth and final part to Adam Stemple's Evolution of a Poker Player series.

The Power of Poker Shame
Poker coach, Adam Stemple, discusses how shame can affect your poker game.

10 Tips for the Perfect Poker Vacation
Ten tips for planning a poker vacation.

Why Not Wild Cards?
Why not wild cards?

Chopping a Tournament
Tips on getting the best of it when chopping a tournament

Making Your Own Luck
Most bad luck results from bad play. Learn to make your own luck good instead!

Making Your Own Luck II
Another example of how (and who not to) make your own luck at the poker table.

Know Your Opponents -- Before They Play a Hand
Always know something about your opponents -- even if they haven't played a single hand.

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