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How To Play Omaha High Poker


Omaha is a poker game similar to Texas Hold’em in many ways…and very different in others. Just as in Hold'em, it's a community card game, with players sharing the cards on the board, but Unlike in Hold'em, each player is dealt 4 hole or down cards, and must use exactly 2 cards from his/her hole cards and 3 from the board to make a 5-card poker hand.

It can also be played hi/lo, but we'll stick to the highest hand wins it all version--commonly known as Omaha High--in the how-to below.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 30 Minutes

Here's How:

  1. The two players to the left of the dealer put out blind bets. The player directly to the dealer's left puts out the small blind while the player two to the dealer's left puts out the big blind.

    Don't know what blinds are? Read more about Betting Basics

  2. Every player is dealt four cards, face down. These are called hole or pocket cards.

  3. The action, or the first move, falls on the player to the left of the big blind. He can either call the bet, raise it, or fold. Betting continues around the table, clockwise.

  4. After the betting is completed, three cards are dealt face up in the center of the table, which is referred to as the board. The first three cards are called the flop. These cards are “community cards” meaning everyone can (and will) use them in combination with their own hole cards to make the best hand.

  5. From the flop on, betting begins with the player to the dealer’s left, who can check or bet.

  6. A fourth card is dealt face up onto the board. This is called fourth street or the turn card.

  7. Another round of betting.

  8. The final card is dealt face up. This card is also called fifth street or the river.

  9. A final round of betting occurs. The remaining players show their cards. To make their final five-card hand, players must use two of their four hole cards and three of the cards on the board. Players can use any two cards from the hole and any three cards from the board, but it must be exactly 2 from the hole cards and 3 from the board to make the best 5-card hand.

    Not sure what the best five-card hands are? Check out What Beats What: Poker Hands from Best to Worst.


  1. The best starting hand in Omaha High is Ace-Ace-King-Queen double-suited.
  2. Good starting hands in Omaha High contain: Suited aces, four-card connectors (10-J-Q-K), two pairs as long as one is high.

What You Need

  • 52-Card Deck
  • Chips
  • 2-10 Players
  • A dealer button
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