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Mike Caro, The Mad Genius of Poker


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May 16, 1944


The Mad Genius of Poker


Mike Caro has been a leader in the field of poker education since 1978 when he contributed 50 statistical charts and a chapter on Draw Poker to Doyle Brunson's seminal poker work, Super System. As a writer, lecturer, manager, strategist, innovator, and computer program designer, his contributions to poker are incredibly numerous, and have had great historical and current impact on the field.

The '80s:

In 1984, his book, The Body Language of Poker -- Mike Caro's Book of Tells was published. It was the first book of its kind, revealing a system for discovering the contents of your opponents' hands by reading their body language. Capitalizing on his newfound popularity, Caro quickly released several shorter works, while also being named the Chief Strategist for the Bicycle Casino and a few years later, the general manager of the Huntington Park Casino.

In 1987, Caro began working with computers, developing software to analyze poker problems he called, "Mike Caro's Poker Engine." His programs and their offshoots have been used by players, scientists, and lawyers to learn, study, and legislate the game.

The '90s:

The '90s saw Caro lecturing a great deal, speaking three times at the World Poker Industry Conference in Las Vegas, and giving the keynote address for the Casino Player's gaming convention at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Despite his busy schedule, he still had time to deliver a much needed update to the Book of Tells, as well as an interesting guide to Super System, which was beginning to seem outdated and was not to receive its own update for another eight years.


Caro had his greatest output as a writer during the first decade of 2000, writing a biography of poker great, Bobby Baldwin, as well as several strategy books --sometimes with a collaborator -- and doing another update on the Book of Tells. In 2006, at the 2006 World Series of Poker, he was inducted into the poker players' Seniors Hall of Fame.

Other Accomplishments:

Though not a feature on the tournament trail anymore, he is credited with bringing the first big tournament to the East Coast where he introduced his four-color deck. Though not seen much in live play, the card's color scheme proved very popular online.

Mike Caro continues to write, lecture, and teach poker today.


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