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Top 6 Poker Magazines


Whether you subscribe or read the articles online, these magazines are a great place to read advice and stories from poker pros and players around the country, as well as find tournament listings and new card rooms to play at.

1. Card Player

Card Player Magazine was the first of its kind and is still my favorite, though it does skew it's information to intermediate to advanced players. They get an amazing array of pros and great writers to populate their pages, and the accompaning Web site is superb.

2. Bluff Magazine

Bluff's subhead is "The Thrill of Poker" and the magazine has tried to make its poker news and advice exciting and engaging in each bimonthly issue since its October 2004 launch. I really enjoy the writing, interviews, and photography of this publication which snagged Lou Kreiger away from Card Player magazine.

3. Poker Pro

The premiere issue of this magazine had Doyle Brunson, the "Godfather of Poker" on its cover and issues are filled with information on the top players of poker. Each month they also offer a Q&A section with reader questions answered by a different pro.

4. Poker Player Newspaper

While it's got "newspaper" in it's name and is a large-format publication, I think of this more of a weekly magazine than a paper. Either way, this publication has great columns and each week review another card room and fill you in on where to play poker in another state in their "United States of Poker" feature.

5. Casino Player

While not strictly a poker magazine, I've found this magazine invaluable for planning trips to casinos to play poker, since it has great advice on where to stay and play. There's usually a poker article or poker room review, as well as tournament listings.

6. All In

Launched at the end of 2004, this now-defunct mag was good while it lasted. You can still read back issues on their website, and the articles cover poker playing advice as well as the flashier, celeb-filled side of poker.

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