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Peter Eastgate, 2008 World Series Of Poker Main Event Winner


Peter Eastgate, 2008 WSOP Main Event Winner

Peter Eastgate, 2008 WSOP Main Event Winner

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Peter Eastgate Basic Info:

Peter Eastgate is from Odense, Denmark and was the youngest player at the final table of the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event. He beat all eight other final table players to become, at 22, the youngest player ever to win the title, ousting Phil Hellmuth as the previous youngest winner. He is also the first Danish winner, and took home $9,152,416 and the WSOP bracelet for his win.

Peter Eastgate's Winning Hand:


In the end, Peter Eastgate played Russian Ivan Demidov heads-up for the bracelet. Eastgate held A-5 and Demidov had 2-4. The flop came down 2-K-3, and then the turn was the 4, giving Eastgate the wheel straight and Demidov two pair. The river is a 7 and Demidov goes all-in. Eastgate immediate calls and wins the championship.

Peter Eastgate's Reaction to Winning the WSOP Main Event:

"I do not think I have realized yet what a big moment this is. It will come the next days and weeks. I expect I will get emotional about it later. But not as much now."

Peter Eastgate on the Final Table Delay :

"I really don't think it's going to affect me too much. I'll certainly be doing all the research I can on the other players. I already have a lot of ideas about how they play but it'll be good to confirm them when I watch it on television."

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