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How to Play Jacks-or-Better Video Poker - About.com
Video Poker is a great game and easy to play if you already know how to play five-card draw poker. The rules are the same, only there is no raising or bluffing ...
How to Win at Video Poker - Strategies - About.com
Learn how to maximize your odds of winning -- and how much you win -- at Jacks -or-better video poker.
Quick tip: Choosing a Video Poker Machine - About.com
How to pick the video poker machine with the best odds in your favor.
How to Play Video Poker - A Crash Course - Casino Gambling
Video poker is a simple five-card draw game played in casinos and bars on the same cabinets and consoles used for slot machines. When the machines were ...
Video Poker - Video Poker Strategy Charts - Casino Gambling
Video Poker is different from slots becasue your decisions matter. Using a strategy chart can help you learn the game. Using the chart along with tutorial software ...
How to Play Video Poker - Video Poker 101 - Casino Gambling
Video Poker is one of the most popular games in the casino. Unlike slot machines it is a game of skill which has a low house edge if you play it correctly.
Video Poker Pay Tables - Casino Gambling - About.com
The advantage of playing video poker is that a player can determine the “ Expected Return” (ER) of a machine by looking at the pay table on the front of the  ...
The Odds of Hitting a Royal Flush at Video Poker - Casino Gambling
Don't let video poker royal flush odds confuse you. The biggest misconception is that a slot machine or video poker machine will hit a jackpot after a certain ...
Video Poker Hand Frequency - Casino Gambling - About.com
Sometimes talk about full pay and 100% pay back video poker machines can be a little misleading.You have to consider the frequency in which you will make a ...
How to Play Ultimate X Video Poker Slot Machines - Casino Gambling
How to play the IGT video poker game of Ultimate X Video Poker.
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