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Best non how-to poker books - About.com
Tony Holden decided to take the challenge and live the dream of so many poker players -- he quit his day job and became a poker pro for one year. Holden is a ...
Best Poker Resources for Women - About.com
This web site is by women poker players, for women poker players. It has tons of fabulous resources, including a section just for players with less than six months  ...
Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time Volume I
There are no theoretical problems; every example is a hand one of the authors actually played in a poker tournament. There are no starting hand charts, ...
Top 6 Poker Tournament Books - Casino Gambling - About.com
Poker tournaments have become very popular and players can win millions of dollars by winning one event. Many novices are entering these events and if you  ...
'High-Low-Split Poker' by Ray Zee - Book Review - Casino Gambling
The game of high-low split poker has confounded some of the best poker players over the years. Ray Zee, one of the most successful Omaha and Seven-Card ...
Taping of the World Poker Tour - WPT Taping - Casino Gambling
There were TV monitors set up around the room so players could watch what was being taped. The players were seated at the Poker table in the center of the ...
Understanding Gap Theory in Poker - Casino Gambling - About.com
Gap Theory, or the Gap Concept, was first presented as a tournament strategy by David Sklansky. However, many poker authors have made similar statements ...
Poker - Collection of Top Quotes and Sayings
These great quotes culled from poker players and writers sum up some of the most essential ideas of the game.
Card Games - Bridge - Poker - Rummy - Hearts - Spades
Resources for card games including Bridge, Poker, Rummy, Hearts and Spades. ... A trick-taking card game is one in which players take turn playing cards and ...
Best Books for the Advanced Player - Poker - About.com
Top poker books for advanced players. ... The authors use charts and graphs to illustrate new and old concepts like Independent Chip Modeling, the Chip Status  ...
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