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Who Invented the "Hole Cam" for Poker? - About.com
Harry Orenstein patented the idea of the "hole cam," a camera that would show poker player's hole cards to TV viewers, in 1997. The hole .... By Henry Adaso.
Poker Hall of Fame Members -- Poker Players in the Hall of Fame
... Keller (1993); Felton “Corky” McCorquodale (1979); Roger Moore (1997); Johnny Moss (1979); Henry Orenstein (2008); Walter Clyde “Puggy” Pearson ( 1987) ...
How to Get a Discount or Haggle for a Better Price in an Antique Mall
Getty Images / Allison Michael Orenstein. Basic Multi-Dealer Space Discounts. Some malls .... By Henry Adaso. Rap / Hip-Hop Expert. How Canadian-Born Ted  ...
Special Exhibition Review - In Stabiano: Exploring the Ancient ...
... and is rendered here, taxonomically, as the Hum-Bug (1851) by Henry Louis Stephens (1824-1822). .... Constance C. McPhee and Nadine M. Orenstein
Helen Hayes Awards Announce 2011 Nominees - Performing Arts
William Ivey Long, Henry VIII, Folger Theatre. Reggie Ray, Duke Ellington's ... Toby Orenstein, Hairspray, Toby's Dinner Theatre. Eric Schaeffer, Chess ...
Book Reviews in Literature
In this book, Catherine Orenstein explores the history of the fairy tale, from the ... Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was once a world-renowned poet, who helped to ...
Puppy Sunburn First Aid and Prevention - Puppies - About.com
Image Copr. Allison Michael Orenstein/The Image Bank/Getty Images. Puppies are very well protected against the sun .... By Henry Adaso. Rap / Hip-Hop Expert.
Cleaning Schedules and Cleaning Lists - Housekeeping - About.com
... home from top to bottom. Share. Woman dusting chandelier, close-up - Allison Michael Orenstein/The Image Bank/ ... By Henry Adaso. Rap / Hip-Hop Expert.
Language at "-ese": Academese, Legalese, and Other Species of ...
(Catherine Orenstein, Little Red Riding Hood Uncloaked: Sex, Morality, And The Evolution Of A Fairy Tale. Basic Books, 2002) .... By Henry Adaso. Rap / Hip-Hop  ...
Monthly Cleaning Chores - Housekeeping - About.com
Woman dusting chandelier, close-up - Allison Michael Orenstein/The Image Bank /. Allison Michael Orenstein/The Image Bank/Getty Images .... By Henry Adaso.
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