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Adam Stemple

Adam Stemple

Adam Stemple is a poker player, coach, and writer.



5 years old: Maternal grandfather teaches me how to play. He cheats and wins my Monopoly money.

Teenager: Drive pizzas and arrange children's music book for rent. Play nickel-ante no limit with bikers for other expenses.

Twenties: Hit road with band. Teach band members and crew to play poker. My per diem goes up. Theirs doesn't.

Early Thirties: Read first Lou Krieger book. Mind blown. Read every other poker book written. Start weekly Stud Hi-Lo game that supplements my meager income nicely.

PartyPoker sends me 50 bonus dollars. Takes me five months but I turn it into 10,000 real dollars. Poker income no longer "supplemental."

Mid-Thirties to Present: Play poker. Start PokerFox.net, one of the first poker training sites. Play more poker. Sell PokerFox.net and join PokerXFactor. Play even more poker. Write No Limits: the Fundamentals of No Limit Holdem with friend and annoyingly good player, Chris "Fox" Wallace. Play a ton more poker.

By Adam Stemple:

I play poker, I teach poker, I love poker. As your poker guide, I'm going to bring all my skill and passion to the table and make you not just a better player, but hopefully a player who loves the game as much as I do.

We'll probably make some money while we're at it, as well.


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